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Jumilla Castle

During the winter months, the castle above Jumilla will be opening on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Visits to the medieval castle which stands above the town of Jumilla are limited to mornings only at the weekends from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. until the end of February 2019. The entrance fee costs just 1€ making well worth the visit and can ever be part of an excursion to the historic town.

The area also has several bodegas and is well known for the Jumilla wine route. For more information please contact the Jumilla tourist office: +34 968 780 237.




The castle of Jumilla has been renovated to its original state and condition when first built in 1461 by Juan Pacheco, the first Marquis of Villena, in order to defend the town and surrounding countryside of which he had been put in charge of 16 years previously. The history of the fortification on the hill date much further back including a Bronze age structure from between 3.000 and 4.000 years ago, as well as Roman and Moorish fortresses. Access to the castle is done on foot and is called the “Camino del Subidor”, a resorted path which was originally built by the Moors to provide access to the western side of the fortress. It joined the “hisn” (or fortified citadel) with the “medina” and “al-qasaba” at the top of the hill and the “arrabel” or lower districts and now links Jumilla to its castle.


Visitors are required to walk or cycle their way up during the winter months, but do offer bus services in spring and summer where you can park at the gate to the castle road which is located at the eastern end of the castle hill and when the castle is open there is a bus service taking passengers up to the fortress as well as a bus service from the tourist office.