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According to an article published on Tuesday 11th October 2022 in La Verdad de Murcia, non-payment of rent increased by 8.3% in the Region of Murcia between June 2021 and June 2022, the highest increase of the autonomous communities, according to data from the Study of Debtors in Urban Leases in Spain.

The amount owed by tenants to landlords in the Region stood at an average of 5,815 euros during this period, compared to the Spanish average of 6,874 euros. The regions above the national average are Madrid with 9,006 euros, the Balearic Islands with 8,945 euros, Catalonia with 8,896 euros and the Basque Country with 7,199 euros.

In Spain, non-payments grew by 5.2% in the same period, other regions where debtors also grew are the Canary Islands by 7.4% and Catalonia by 6.2%.

Given that a significant percentage of homes in the Resort are rented out, below are some measures that should be considered.

General recommendations to avoid the inconvenience of non-payment of rent:

  1. Use professionals in rental management.
  2. Legal and well-drafted contracts.
  3. Find out the background of the prospective tenant.
  4. Request a bank guarantee.
  5. Change of name on utility contracts.
  6. Adapt the flat.
  7. Inventories and supplies of your home.
  8. Comply with your rights and obligations as a landlord.
  9. Insurance against non-payment of rent.