The payment for the Urban Entity fees, corresponding to the  4th Quarter 2018  is due to be debited from your account on Friday 19th October 2018.
May we remind Owners without a  direct debit set up for Entity fees that the date for the first quarter payment is due by the 20th July 2018 .Please note that any owners who have not made the corresponding payment by this date or within 30 days, will be subject to the automatic surcharge increase of 20% of the outstanding fee. 
Please find below the Entity Bank Account should you wish to make a transfer:

Bank Account Number: IBAN: ES96 2100 7057 77 0200023856 
May we inform you that between the 1st and the 5th of October 2018, HIDROGEA on behalf of the San Javier Council, will be carrying out the cleaning of the public sewage in the Resort.

The working hours will be 8:00 to 14:00 h & 15:00 to 18:00 h.

Although the roads will be conveniently signalled during the execution of the work, please be specially cautions on those days. Thank you.

we apologize for the inconvenience.
Now that summer is coming to an end and most people have to go, we remind them that every time they leave for a long time, must carry out a series of actions to prevent incidents in relation to home.
  • Remember to close all of the taps in your Home
  • Close the valve that is under the boiler. For added security ask Security to close the valve in the water meter room. This will prevent water leak problems.
  • Turn off all of the lights and lower the differential provided you do not leave on any operating appliance like a refrigerator, etc ... This will allow for significant energy savings.
  • Pay attention to security measures such as latches and locks for doors and windows. This will make it more difficult for thieves who want to access vacant homes.
  • Please report to Security every time you leave for long periods. It is important that they know.
From the 21st to 30th September 2018,  the three thousand year old city of Cartagena will relive the extraordinary special historical events acting out what happened 2000 years ago.
Fiestras Program
Please find on the EUCC web articles of interest at your disposal. 
May we remind you that any incidences can be reported by contacting us (Telf.:968 10 47 10- email: roda@resortalia.com) or Security 24 hours (Telf.: 968 17 36 98).
Early Tuesday, a vehicle bumped against the barrier of the secondary access causisng damage to the barrier. Both the crane and Police attended and Security recorded all the relevant data for the incident to be reported to the insurance company.  
Last Wednesday FALCONRY removed 1 captured pigeon in Phase 1.  
Friday 21
  • Trimming hedges area técnicas
  • Spraying weeds Fiestas ground
  • Blowing and cleaning
  • Remove weeds in the same area
  • Revision of the irrigation systems
  • Cleaning the area
Monday 24
  • Trimming big hedges by Tecnicas
  • Roundabout Tecnicas; trimming Adelfas, remove weeds, clearing and mowing lawn
  • Uncover irrigation box and installation of a link 
  • Blowing and cleaning
  • Remove weeds in the same area
  • Revision of the irrigation systems
  • Cleaning the area
Tuesday 25
  • Hut 2, trimming hedges and geranium
  • Covering  ditch
  • Trimming hedges in front of  P-20
  • Blowing and cleaning
  • Remove weeds and in the same area
  • Revision of the irrigation systems in area of organge trees. 
  • Cleaning the area
Wednesday 26
  • Remove pine needles
  • In front of P20, trimming sideroad hedges
  • Blowing and Cleaning
  • Remove weeds in the same area
  • Revision of the irrigation systems
  • Cleaning the area
Thursday 27
  • Trimming roadside hedges in front of  P-20 
  • Trimming hedges in front of P-21 
  • Trimming hedges roundabout P-20 & P-21
  • Blowing and cleaning
  • Remove weeds in the same area
  • Revision of the irrigation systems. Repair breakdown in area P20
  • Cleaning the area
With the purpose that all residents can equally enjoy holidays in a civic and respectful atmosphere, the EUCC board in cooperation with all Communities in the Resort have organized an informative campaign due to start shortly regarding BASIC COEXISTANCE RULES. The intention of this campaign is to ensure all residents are informed, specially those with tenants or visitors:
  • Promotion in all EUCC media such as the Web page and the Weekly Reports.
  • Regular emails to Owners, renters and agencies.
  • Posting notices in common areas with information in both languages of the most relevant COEXISTANCE BASIC RULES
  • Delivering summary document (foolscap) to all properties in the Resort
  • Hand delivering of summary document (flyer) to all residents
Below you will find a PDF version of this document. If you rent your property or if you frequently have guests, please share this information with them and post this document in a visible place in your property. Your cooperation is essential for the enjoinment of all residents during this holidays. Thank you.
If you want to report  any breach of the rules do not hesitate to call SECURITY on 968173698.
In order to guarantee a happy coexistence between neighbours, please follow the following rules:
  1. Respect the facilities and communal elements. The repair of damages caused by residents, tenants and gests are paid for with the community fees. If you do not want your fees increased, please be respectful with all communal elements.
  2. The swimming hours are 9:00 to 21:00 h.
  3. Do not leave any inflatables, chairs, hammocks, etc.. in the swimming pool area. They prevent other people using the facilities.
  4. Do not use glass in the swimming pool areas. Last month, a girl cut her foot with a broken glass in the lawn of the swimming pool. This unpleasant events could be prevented if you all follow this rule and instruct your tenants or gests to follow it as well.
  5. Do not play with balls in communal areas. Apart from the disturbances, they cause damage to the lawn, plants and communal elements. The repair of those damages caused by residents, tenants and guests are paid with the community fees, therefore if you do not want your fees increased, please be respectful with communal elements.
  6. Respect resting hours, especially at night. Do not make excessive noise, keep music low and control the level of conversation during those hours.
  7. If you have a pet, please follow the pet rules. Especially, do not let them walk without the leash and clean fouling in communal areas.
  8. Do not throw sanitary towels, tampons, condoms, etc. through the toilet. We frequently have to hire a company to unblock the sewage of buildings, and this is very costly for the community. Approximately, 300 € each time.
  9. Use recycling bins. Do not dispose of domestic garbage in the bins by the swimming pools. That is not healthy and prevents the normal use of them by other neighbours.
  10.  Laundry is not allowed in facades, nor is it in communal or private areas if it is visible from outside.
Thank you very much for your cooperation. We wish you happy summer holidays.
Notice: Pools time schedule for C.P. Adosados P1 is from 9:00  to 0:00 h. In Communities P1, P18 & P19  wristbands are not compulsory. For further information, you can contact roda@resortalia.com
Security has had to report and formally file complaints with the local authorities regarding residents of the urbanization for repeated violations of municipal pet regulations. These actions usually cause real inconveniences to the rest of neighbors and coexistence problems that may end up in the courts. Please be respectful with your neighbors. Thank you.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that Resortalia published an article in 2016 that explains how owners affected by breaches of pet regulations can contribute to the solution of the problem. You can access directly by clicking on the button below.
Pet Rules - EUCC WEB
You may have received by post a letter from REDEXIS, the Gas distributor in San Javier, like the one below.
With this letter The Gas distributor is informing you that the installation in your property must and are due to pass the 5 year mandatory check according to the R.D. 919/206. They also inform you about the week they have planned to inspect your property and will confirm the exact date and time at least 5 days before the inspection. The company has confirmed that they will do all the inspections in RODA GOLF & BEACH RESORT between July and August 2018.
It is not necessary for you to confirm your availability, but it would be essential to contact them if you cannot provide access on that date. If REDEXIS don´t obtain entry into premises to do the inspection on the date they established, they could disconnect your gas.
For any questions or clarification you can contact REDEXIS by calling the free number 900 92 43 65 (from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.) or by writing an email to ccredexis@gesercos.es
When you contact the company you must provide the REFERENCIA number that appears on the letter below the postal address (area marked in red in the image above).
We hope this information will be of interest for you.


Please be aware that if you register using a name and/or email address that does not match with our residents' records at Resortalia your registration will be pending for approval. In such cases, please contact Resortalia directly on 968104710 or at roda@resortalia.com or roda2@resortalia.com so we can manage your registration  personally.

Don´t wait any longer to register on the website to be informed about the recent news in the EUCC!

You can use the link button below to access the website directly. 

May we inform you that the San Javier Town Hall offers a household goods collection service in the Resort.
For small items and small appliances, there is a weekly service offered by the Eco Park collection truck Mondays from 11:00 am to 11:30 am which is parked at the Resort main entrance.  Please dispose of your undesired items in this truck.
For heavier and bigger items such as appliances, please use the special collection service by ringing telephone 968573700 ext. 5215, where you will be informed of date of collection. 
May we inform you that the Secondary access will from Friday 20/04/2018 remain open at night until the end of summer.
We would like to inform you that the company A2Z has finished working on their fiber optic network in the resort thus increasing its capacity. From now on any owner interested in this  private service can contact them regarding their High Speed Internet up to 30MB.

May we remind you that A2Z provides services through a fiber optic network, without antennas!

Below you will find Commercial Information provided by A2Z with some exclusive offers for residents of RODA GOLF & BEACH RESORT. Those owners who are interested in these private services may contact A2Z at:
Tlf: 968 012 099          email: info@a2ztelecom.es
Information about Deluxe services
List of Deluxe channels
The Community of Owners of P-11 to make residents with reduced mobility available the use of them hydraulic lift, that has isntalled in the pool.
For it use, you will have to make a request  in advance by calling security: 968173698.
May we remind you, that there are two defibrillators in the resort at the service of residents.
In case of emergency, please contact Security on 968173698 or head for Security main entrance.
Pantano de la Cierva


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