As you are probably aware, next Saturday 20th of June at 23:59h the State of Alarm in Spain will no longer be in force. Therefore, on Sunday 21st of June, the region of Murcia shall enter into the so-called ‘New normality’.
As from that moment, the Ministry of Health ceases to be the highest-ranking and only Competent Authority with regards to the health crisis in relation to COVID-19 and, consequently, many of the current regulations will cease continuing to be in force, returning the authority to the Autonomous Communities, Town Halls, etc.

Please bear in mind that the health crisis is not yet over, therefore we call on all owners and residents to maintain civil behavior and we kindly ask for the maximum collaboration from all of the neighbors.

We will keep you informed in future communications about the Regional regulations approved after the end of the State of Alarm. 
We would like to remind you that on the website of the ENTITY we have published all the information sent regarding the alarm status currently in force.
This information is published so that everyone can access and dispose of the information and our communications.

We ask all homeowners who are renting or have guests to forward this information on to their tenants and agencies as soon as possible.
Thanks for your cooperation.

Please click the link below for the EUCC website:
From Thursday, 21st May, a new Order of the Ministry of Health came into force (Order SND/422/2020) which regulates the obligatory use, for people over 6 years of age, of a mask, preferably hygienic or surgical, on public roads, in open-air spaces, and in those closed spaces that are for public use or are open to the public, when it is not possible to keep a social distance of 2 meters. The mask will not be required to:
- People with respiratory difficulties.
- Other reasons for health, dependence, or disability that justify it.
- Activities that are incompatible with the use of the mask.
- Cause of force majeure.
The Government has warned that people who, without justified cause, fail to comply with these rules may be sanctioned.
For the time being, the Order is in force until the end of the State of Alarm and its extensions.
On Tuesday morning, the Pest control company GRUPO GAM carried out one of the general sprayings against the mosquito scheduled for this year.
May we remind you that in the EUCC website you can find posted the article Mosquitos- The perfect guide", with relevant information on how to avoid this annoying problem.
May we remind you that the Non-Resident Tax must be filed and presented. This tax is for those owners who are non-resident in Spain and have a property here. If this is your case and you have not done it yet, may we advise that you contact your Tax Consultant!
In the event you do not have tax advisor, we have a special arrangement for our clients with the prestigious Law Firm Abad & Asociados and their office in Los Alcázares which can inform you about their welcome offer to our owners (1st year of service for 39 Euros + VAT per property and up to two co-owners).
You can contact them via e-mail: 
Since Wednesday 05/13/2020 the Resortalia team has reopened our offices to attend you in person.
Of course, we are taking all the special measures that guarantee the safety and protection of all those who need to visit us:
Do not hesitate to contact us by email at roda@resortalia.com or by phone at 968 104710 from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. at 14:00 p.m. Please understand that due to the high volume of calls you may have to insist several times in some cases.

For emergencies, please contact SECURITY: 968173698

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your cooperation.
In the links below you will find articles of general interest at your disposal.

Please click on the button below to access the article on the RESORTALIA website:
Basic recommendations against covid-19 in communities
Throughout the week the EUCC has continued to carried out the disinfection of area of increased contact such as the postboxes, entrances, bins, etc...
Throughout this week those communities that have contracted a regular cleaning service for common areas are disinfecting the surfaces of greatest contact with special products to reduce the risk of contamination.

Various communities have continued to carry out this week additional disinfection cleans throughout communal areas in order to reduce risk and increase prevention.  
Most of the flights to Spain and from Spain abroad have been canceled. If you need information about your flight, please contact the airline you arranged the flight with.
You can also contact the Consulate of your country in Spain for any doubts or for further information concerning the coronavirus. Below you can find the links to some of the embassies and consulates in Spain.
May we remind you that any incidences can be reported by contacting us (Telf.:968 10 47 10- email: roda@resortalia.com) or Security 24 hours (Telf.: 968 17 36 98).
Last Friday, the pest control Company GRUPO GAM carried out the revision of bait boxes for the rats and flies traps in the Resort.
Last Wednesday, FALCONRY (pigeon population control) carried out maintenance of traps and removed 1 catch.
Last Tuesday and Wednesday the VIGILANT technical service repaired the CCTV around the Resort.  
CESPA has changed and marked the use of two bin containers in Plaza Falúa to increase the capacity of domestic waste (two more containers) and avoid excess in this area.
We want to remind all residents that container bins should be used correctly and that other nearby containers are available when necessary.

Please make sure that your guests, tenants, and agents are aware of this and warn them that in this urbanization, the SECURITY service lodges complaints with those persons who fail to comply with the applicable fine of up to € 750.
Friday 12th
  • Trim entrance roses
  • Weed the exterior of the entrance
  • Blow and clear
  • Remove weeds from the half-moon area
  • Clear and collect plant waste
Monday 15th
  • trim hedges near P21
  • Prune roses
  • Collect pine droppings
  • Blow and clear
  • Remove weeds from trees in P1 & P5
  • Clear and collect plant waste
Tuesday 16th
  • Trim hedges and roses
  • Weed
  • Blow and clear 
  • Remove weeds
  • Clear and collect plant waste
Wednesday 17th
  • Trim bushes near P20, P21
  • Weed gravel near P21 and P20
  • Fumigate in Phase 1
  • weed
  • Blow and clear
  • Remove weeds
  • Clear and collect plant waste
Thursday 18th
  • Trim hedges  near P20 and P21
  • Weed gravel
  • Spray weed killer
  • Blow and clear 
  • Remove weeds
  • Clear and collect plant waste
May we remind you that in the EUCC website you can find posted the article Mosquitos- The perfect guide", with relevant information on how to avoid this annoying problem.

Below you will find a PDF version of the Coexistence Rules. If you rent your property or if you frequently have guests, please share this information with them and post this document in a visible place in your property

If you want to report  any breach of the rules do not hesitate to call SECURITY on 968173698.

Thanks for your cooperation.
Security has had to report and formally file complaints with the local authorities regarding residents of the urbanization for repeated violations of municipal pet regulations. These actions usually cause real inconveniences to the rest of neighbors and coexistence problems that may end up in the courts. Please be respectful with your neighbors. Thank you.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that Resortalia published an article in 2016 that explains how owners affected by breaches of pet regulations can contribute to the solution of the problem. You can access directly by clicking on the button below.
Pet Rules - EUCC WEB

Please be aware that if you register using a name and/or email address that does not match with our residents' records at Resortalia your registration will be pending for approval. In such cases, please contact Resortalia directly on 968104710 or at roda@resortalia.com or roda2@resortalia.com so we can manage your registration  personally.

Don´t wait any longer to register on the website to be informed about the recent news in the EUCC!

You can use the link button below to access the website directly. 
Last Tuesday 15th January, The Region de Murcia International Airport started operating linking with 13 destinations of three European Union Countries; the United Kingdom, Ireland and Belgium. Those flights are operated by Ryanair, EasyJet, and TUlfly airlines.

For further information, you can check the airport website.

AENA informs that the company  INTERBUS Región de Murcia has already started providing the public service of transport between the airport and the Golf Courses, including a stop at RodaGolf's main entrance.
Please check the button below for transport timetable.
AIRPORT transport Timetable


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