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This weekend sees the start of the main events of the Fiestas de la Cruz de Caravaca, with the Wine Horse Race next Tuesday!

Caravaca de la Cruz, in the Region of Murcia, celebrates this colourful festival which has as its climax a race of horses fully decked out and surrounded by thousands of people up to the castle. The festival has been a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2020.

Why are they called the Caballos del Vino?

On arrival at the sanctuary they encountered a large Muslim fence that prevented them from passing through. The Templars took to their horses, two in front and two behind, defending this unique food. They overcame the enemy’s defence, racing up the wine bottles loaded on a horse.

Festival of the Wine Horses 2023. Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia) celebrates on the morning of the 2nd of May 2023 the Fiesta de los Caballos del Vino, a unique, unusual and passionate celebration.

The 2nd of May is the big day of the Fiesta de los Caballos del Vino. At noon on the way up to the castle, the legendary wine horse race takes place. The participation of the little ones takes place on the 3rd of May, which is one of the most emotional and entertaining moments of this unique festival.

There are 60 horses. The Bando de los Caballos del Vino is made up of 60 Peñas (Cultural Associations) and each one of them shows an animal in the street.

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