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Holy Week in Cartagena, Murcia: An Emblematic Celebration.

The Holy Week is a religious holiday of great importance in Spain and, particularly, in the region of Murcia. The city of Cartagena, located on the coast of Murcia, is famous for its spectacular celebration of the Holy Week, which combines religious and cultural elements in a unique experience.

During Holy Week in Cartagena, the processions are the main attraction. Each night, different brotherhoods from the city parade through the streets, carrying impressive floats that represent scenes from the Passion of Christ. The processions are accompanied by music bands and thousands of people who fill the streets, creating a unique atmosphere of devotion and fervor.

One of the most exciting moments of the Holy Week in Cartagena is the “Bajada,” which takes place on Holy Wednesday. On this day, the floats of the brotherhoods descend from their places of worship in the upper part of the city to the cathedral of Cartagena, in an emotional journey that lasts several hours. Along the way, the streets are decorated with flowers and neighbors come out to their balconies to watch the processions.

Another highlight of the Holy Week in Cartagena are the “Cenas de los Apóstoles,” which take place on Holy Thursday. In these dinners, the brotherhoods gather to eat together in an atmosphere of camaraderie and devotion, before going out in procession at night.

In addition to the processions and dinners, the Holy Week in Cartagena also includes a series of cultural activities, including exhibitions of sacred art and concerts of religious music. During this week, the city is filled with visitors from all over the world, who come to experience one of the most impressive celebrations of the Holy Week in Spain.

In summary, the Holy Week in Cartagena is a unique celebration that combines religious and cultural elements in an unforgettable experience. The processions, the dinners of the apostles, and the cultural activities make this festivity an emblematic event in the region of Murcia and one of the most important celebrations of the Holy Week in Spain.